How To Get More Range Out Of Your Electric Car

As EVs continue to rise in popularity, many drivers are eager to learn how the range of their cars can be increased. Even though electric vehicles offer a lot of benefits, some people still face range anxiety. Nevertheless, there are several methods that can be used to make the most out of the range of your car. Here are 5 tips that can be useful for maximizing your EV’s range.

1. Take Care of the Battery

Your electric vehicle’s battery is its most important component. The better the battery life of your EV, the more range it is likely to deliver. Therefore, you should be mindful of how you charge it. Experts recommend not letting your EV battery fall below 20% or charge past 80% unless required.

Also, it is better to avoid rapid chargers. Though rapid charging can be very quite helpful for long journeys, it is detrimental to the battery’s health in the long run. Therefore, it is best to slow charge whenever possible.

For added convenience, you can consider EV charger installation at your home so you don’t need to wait in line or rush with the charging process.

2. Watch your Speed

One great tip to get more range out of your EV is to not drive at a high speed. Try to drive under the speed limit whenever possible. For some perspective, by reducing your speed by 10mph, you can save 14% of your car’s energy. It is also important to take into note that wind resistance increases drastically when you drive above 70mph. Hence, driving at a slower speed can help conserve energy.

3. Use Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is an advanced braking system that helps charge the battery a little each time you use your brakes or release the accelerator.  Drivers using regenerative braking are reported to regenerate roughly around 8 % of their battery power, whereas some go up as high as 30% (when traveling in a hilly area). However, keep in mind that the percentage regenerated depends on the terrain you are driving on.

4. Check Your EV’s AC System

Maintaining optimal temperature inside the cabin can help increase your EV’s range. Moreover, if you use electric vehicles for commercial purposes, it is essentially important to keep the AC in check for the driver’s safety.

Schedule regular maintenance to get the AC systems checked for any potential issues. If you believe that the air conditioning system is not working or needs to be replaced then it is best to contact a commercial vehicle AC system replacement specialist to get the issue promptly.

5. Take Care of Your Tires

Make sure that the tires of your EV are properly aligned and inflated. This will not only help increase the range of the EV but also ensure your safety. When your EV’s tires are inflated and aligned properly, your vehicle consumes less energy to move. It is recommended to get the tires checked for pressure and alignment every 6000 miles.

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